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Christos Garkinos Cooks Spanakopita for Fashionista

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"We're in LA—everybody has a reality show," says Christos Garkinos, one adorable half of the nutty duo that owns Decades and stars in the new Bravo series Dukes of Melrose. He's on the set of yet-another show, the "fashion people cooking program" Haute Cuisine from Fashionista. Hosted by purple-haired correspondant David Yi, the video follows Garkinos as he step-by-step creates Greek meal. First, there's spanakopita or spinach pie, then a Greek salad and finally, lamb.

In addition to the cooking, there's plenty of downtime spent chatting about designers (Christos loves Tom Ford and Phoebe Philo), picking lemons off a tree in the backyard and the waving about of giant, suggestive cucumbers. At the end, Yi and Garkinos dine on Hermès plates, of course.

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