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G-Star RAW's New Tailoring Service Is a Perfect Fit for LA

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Photo courtesy of G-Star RAW.
Photo courtesy of G-Star RAW.

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Joining Denim Refinery and Saks Fifth Avenue's commitment to pristine-fitting jeans is G-Star RAW, who recently opened its RAW Tailored Atelier service here in LA.

Available exclusively at G-Star's Rodeo Drive and Melrose locations, the in-store denim customization station offers men and women the chance to work directly with seasoned tailors to create the jeans of their dreams by way of custom widths, lengths, buttons, rivets and even back labels. Total cost is $340 ($300 for G-Star's Red Listing classic 3301 five-pocket denim and $40 for the customization) and the transformation is completed within 48 hours. G-Star RAW's head women's designer, Rebekka Bach, hooks us up with more on this new feature below.

What inspired G-Star to launch a custom denim service?
"We wanted to provide a bespoke service that allows customers to personalize their denim while evoking the same excitement that we feel when we create denim. G-Star is all about unexpected combinations and we wanted to give our customers the opportunity to make their own styles."

Why the 3301 style?
"The 3301 is a neutral denim style with the classic five-pocket construction, and therefore perfect to customize. The fun part of the RAW Tailored Atelier is that everyone can decide on their own detailing, giving individuality to each customer."

What are the brand's most popular fits and details these days?
"Our skinny fits are very popular at the moment. Whether it's the 3D Arc design with twisted seams, the High Waisted Radar that accentuates long legs or the Contour Fit designed to flatter the female shape, there's a pair to suit every body."

What's your secret to nailing the perfect fit?
"On G-Star's women's team, we look at every detail of the denim and continue to fine-tune to give women that perfect fit and make their body look great. An essential ingredient for a flattering jean is the back pocket. The width between the pockets, the shape and even the color of the stitches are all crucial, which is why we have designers that specialize in calculating the perfect back pocket shape for every denim style."
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