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Lauren Hastings on Spitting Fire and Her Secret Sushi Spot

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Photos via Lauren Hastings

What do Planet Blue, LF and Wasteland all have in common? Besides being purveyors of quintessential LA style, they're all in love with Lauren Hastings. This San Jose-born, Fresno-raised babe has swiftly become a lookbook darling for her California cool-girl appeal and down-for-whatever attitude.

To learn more about LA's model of the moment, we asked Hastings to take some time out of her ridiculously busy shooting sched to answer our burning questions.

How did you get your start in modeling?
"I was 12 years old walking through our local mall in Fresno, California and there was this contest called Facefinders. I asked my mom if I could enter and she said said yes. So, me and my little sister submitted Polaroid photos and they called us back to participate in a runway show. Whoever won that would receive an all-expense paid trip to Palm Springs to the big modeling expo. I won the mall fashion show, then went to Palm Springs then won some awards there and signed with Ford Models—all by the age of 12. I've been working ever since."

You're everywhere these days. What's your favorite editorial or lookbook to date?
"Definitely the editorial I did for What Youth magazine. Everyone I worked with were super cool, good people."

What is the craziest shoot you've ever been on?
"Let's say the one for What Youth where photographer Jason Lee Parry had me spitting fuckin' fire!"

Where do you get your platinum blonde hair dyed in LA?
"I go to Rebecca at Good Form on Fairfax. She's the bestest!"

What is your favorite LA hidden gem?
"Ah...I don't want to give it away cause then every asshole will be eating there. (Sorry, you're not all assholes.) But fine: Sushi Time! They have really yummy, cheap sushi. I love Terroni and OsteriaMozza, too. They're both good Italian places with great wine."

What do you enjoy most about being a model?
"Being able to create an image that you can emotionally connect to. I always ask clients before I work with them what they want—what kind of mood they envision—and then I go from there. I love creating art and being able to work with cool photographers that push you and themselves."

What you do like least?
"The occasional douchey photographers. Also, the normal shit, like how your hair and skin are treated or the long hours. But it's what you sign up for with this kind of job. I don't want complain because I feel very grateful to be able to do what I do."

Your photos are always badass. How do you prep for an edgy/racy shoot?
"I just go in with an attitude saying 'Fuck it, let's do this!' It always ends up fun or something I have never done before."

Describe your perfect day in LA.
"Sleep in, grab a latte from Joan's on Third, maybe go for a hike, grab lunch with some friends, possibly go for a bike ride and end the day by meeting back up with friends for a yummy dinner and some great wine."

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