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Dukes of Melrose: Wedding Bells and Biba Mania

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Cameron and Christos. Images via Bravo.
Cameron and Christos. Images via Bravo.

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Every week, the Dukes of Melrose (aka Decades owners Cameron Silver and Christos Garkinos) seem to have one designer on the brain. Last week it was McQueen, the week before, Alaïa. Yesterday's episode had them swooning over British label Biba, which had its heyday in the '70s. Decades is suddenly flush with Biba after Cameron laid out $7,000 for a collection of pieces owned by a woman who had worked there for many years. To celebrate their fabulous acquisition, Cameron and Christos decide to throw a celebrity-studded party complete with super-skinny models drifting around in the clothes.

Because the planning and execution of such a party isn't stressful enough on its own, the duo drop a wild card into the mix: new potential manager Geoffrey, who looks like a cross between Brad Goreski and Gabe Lewis from The Office. Geoffrey has the right qualifications (he's a higher-up at Louis Vuitton) and the right work ethic (he claims to enjoy getting late night emails, phone calls and texts from the office) but he's young, only 29. Also, there's the matter of his name. "I really like him. I just wish he spelled his name with a 'J'," says Cameron. Christos: "Isn't the giraffe in Toys 'R Us spelled with a 'G'?" Replys Cameron, "No idea, I'm not into children."


Regardless of any doubts they might have about Geoffrey, he's the best option they have so far. His selection was preceded by a funny montage of "respondees" to a Craigslist ad Christos posted, including one woman who brings her dog and dresses only in pink. (In real life, these people wouldn't make it past an intern's first cut, but they play well on TV.) C&C decide to invite Geoffrey with a G to their Biba party to see how he gets along with the Decades staff and customers.

At this point in the show, it's time to watch a beautiful woman try on gorgeous dresses. Enter Ashley Madekwe of Revenge fame. Everything looks good on her, you could cover her in "mud and leaves" and she'd still be stunning, Christos raves. She's in search of the great white whale: a wedding dress for her UK ceremony with fiance Iddo Goldberg. She tries on many dresses and looks perfect in all of them (one, a Christian Lacroix, is still available on Decades' site) but none are right for her wedding. Still, a super-sexy, sequined, $2,800 Oscar de la Renta number she spotted on a mannequin will work as a dress for her reception. Did we really expect a celebrity to find their wedding dress—pre-worn, mind you—on a reality TV show? No, we did not.

Models and Lisa Rinna in Biba

At the party, everything goes swimmingly. But as Cher of Clueless would say, Geoffrey isn't "meshing well" with the Decades team. Instead, he's hiding out in a corner near the shoes, chatting with an intern. Afterward, Cameron and Christos agree that he's not quite ready for the gig.

Next week, Cameron goes on a hunting excursion to the Manhattan Vintage Show and spends too much money. Christos, predictably, panics.
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