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Rebecca Minkoff Reminisces on Her First LA Sample Sale

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff
Photo courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff

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This week, NY-based designer Rebecca Minkoff is returning to her Cali roots to host two events with Nordstrom. Gracing The Grove this Friday from 6 to 8pm and South Coast Plaza on Saturday from 1 to 3pm, the San Diego-born breeder of bag ladies will be showcasing her Slim Aarons-inspired spring 2013 collection.

To mark her homecoming, Minkhoff took some time out from her busy travel sched (she's currently in Hawaii) to talk shopping, bloggers, summer plans and her very first sample sale.

Your spring range is filled with vibrant prints and hues. Is that the Cali girl in you?
"Definitely. Because of my California upbringing, I'm never too uptight. There's always a casual aspect to my designs. I like to keep things relaxed and comfortable so that you never feel like the clothes are wearing you."

Your LA sample sales are legendary. Have you ever been to one?
"Actually, I used to run the sales myself! I would collect all the money and be there the whole time. As the company grew, I would only attend a VIP night—an exclusive event that we still do today. I love hanging out and meeting all my customers."

Do you remember the first sample sale?
"We did the first one at my friend's house and had no idea that we were going to get any attention. We had 200 bags or something. We got mobbed! My friend was not prepared for the mob outside of her apartment. It was pretty funny."

Bag ladies are serious in LA. Have you had a chance to visit your hometown in SD?
"Usually I'm not able to make it, but this last time after an appearance at South Coast Plaza I went to San Diego and visited my old house and elementary school. It was fun to walk around..."

When you visited your school, did everything look really tiny?
"Yes! Like, seriously miniature. I can't believe I was ever able to sit in those chairs. My house, too. When I was little, I thought the staircase that I used to run down was super tall, but in reality it's like 10 steps."

That's so funny. So, where do you eat and shop in LA?
"I love Little Dom's for food and drinks. West 3rd Street is great for shopping. When I have a bit more time, I enjoy hitting the beach in Malibu to hang out. There's a great playground out there that my kid can enjoy, too."

Do you have any cool plans this summer?
"Yes! I'm going to Bermuda for July 4th, which is exciting because I've never been there. I'm going out for the Bermuda City Fashion Festival. I'm going to host a party and will be getting a nice little vacation out of it, too."

Fun! Finally, who are some of your favorite LA bloggers?
"I think Shay Mitchell is really great; I had the pleasure of working with her recently. I also love Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere. I visit both of their blogs on the regular."
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