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A Not-Greasy Oil That'll Make You Swear Off Face Scrubs

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Today's pick comes from Racked NY editor Tiffany Yanetta.

Omega Rich Pure Marula Oil, $78 at

I recently threw out all of my harsh face washes and hopped on the oil-cleanse bandwagon. Originally I was mixing my own greasy concoctions of castor oil and safflower oil in a mason jar. (Pro tip: castor oil is also a laxative, so if you're going to go the DIY route be prepared for the pharmacist to take pity on you when you buy the big bottle.) However, I've since stumbled upon Marula oil from The Leakey Collection— it's a lot easier, and it also smells a million times better.

The oil itself has more antioxidants than argan oil, and The Leaky Collection's bottle makes it really easy to apply: you can use the dropper to put a little bit on your hands to rub into your face, or use a little less and add it to your regular moisturizer or foundation. Somehow the oil isn't greasy, and since I've never splurged (read: had the money to spend) on a facial, this is the next best thing. It's a little pricey ($78 bucks, so make it last), but The Leaky Collection is committed to providing fair trade jobs for women in East Africa, so I don't mind spending the extra cash on this brand.
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