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Rumi Neely's Ombre Problem, Exfoliating Obsession and More

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Photo via <a href="">Into the Gloss</a>
Photo via Into the Gloss

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In what seems like a long time coming, Rumi Neely has finally landed her very own Into the Gloss profile. Similar to Dita Von Teese and Erin Wasson, the Fashiontoast blogger offers readers an in-depth look at her beauty routine via candid and, at times, hilarious commentary.

Similar to what we learned from last year's Coveteur closet tour, Neely's style is strictly based on instinct. For instance, back in 2009, she adopted her signature ombré coif "by accident" after letting her bleach blonde dye grow out and thinking it "kind of looked cool." Although she's managed to maintain this look over the years, it hasn't been easy: "I haven't found a colorist that I would go back to for the whole process because they don't really get it," she reveals. "They always put the bleach in too high, so I always have to go in and correct it, and it turns into a huge, annoying process." LA hair pros: reach out to Neely if you think you can help solve this color conundrum.

In over three paragraphs dedicated to just hair, we also learn that, despite guru disapproval, the local blogger enjoys shampooing her hair every day. "People are like, 'What're you doing? You're ruining your life!,'" she explains. When she is obliging the styling gods, she puts her hair in two buns to create beachy waves and swears by Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray for voluminous, Gisele Bündchen-like locks.

Another of Neely's defying beauty habits involves being "freakishly" obsessed with exfoliating. She owns two Clarisonics and is seriously considering purchasing an extension for the tool that allows you to deep scrub your entire body. Her saving grace is a dedicated makeup removal routine that involves argan oil ("I'm like a freakin' chemist") and moisturizer. Learn more about her entertaining habits, makeup picks and anti-orange-lips policy here.
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