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What Six Stylish Wasteland Staffers Wear to Work

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Welcome to Working It, a series started by our sister site Racked National that we love so much, we've brought it to LA. This is where Racked tracks street style all the way to the office. Forget khakis and button downs—these fashionable professionals take cubicle dress codes to a whole new dimension. Quick, somebody call HR!

Photos via Elizabeth Daniels

What did Los Angeles do before second-hand paradise Wasteland opened? With a constantly changing selection of vintage and gently-worn contemporary designs as well as a hefty assortment of new pieces from cool labels and the company's in-house line, it's kind of a bargain-hunter's dream. Here, meet a few of the stylish ladies that make up the web team of Wasteland and see how they work it when they're working.

Heather Waity, lead stylist: "I love to wear basics and I'm usually dressed in black or white. I don't do very much color. I like easy, comfortable pieces."

Style advice: "A hat makes everything look better. And always have a simple white T-shirt."

LA hidden treasures: "Obviously I love Wasteland for vintage, but I also really like ReForm School in LA. They have a good mix of vintage and household stuff. And the General Store in Venice. For fashion, I really like Reformation."

Heather is wearing a Topshop dress she bought at Wasteland on Melrose, a Stolen Girlfriends Club jacket also from Wasteland Melrose and Rag & Bone booties.

Donna Lisa, lifestyle marketing manager: "My style is bipolar. I kind of dress for my mood each day. Right now I'm into '90s trends but overall, it's pretty much whatever I wake up in the mood for."

Style advice: "Wear what's going to make you feel comfortable and what you feel best in. Instead of following trends, I think it's really important to dress for you and for your body type. I think that's a good trick to learn."

LA hidden treasure: "I am a big hiking fan so for me, there's nothing more refreshing than going to Griffith Park and seeing the views. I go up by the observatory—it's a really nice trail."

Donna is wearing a Dolce Vita booties and a Topshop crop top and pants.

Gabby Datau, graphic designer: "I'd describe my style as: if goth and that gym scene from Clueless were to have a baby and it got sent to art school and listened to a lot of hardcore punk and took life advice from Vivienne Westwood. I grab inspiration from a lot of things."

Style advice: "You can never go wrong with all black. Sorry, I'm sure that everyone says that. Even in the summer. You'll look great, but you'll be sweating."

LA hidden treasure: "South Pas skate park! It's nice and small, good for practicing your ollies and gliding off the small ramps! Plus, just past sunset all the skater babies are gone so if you fall on your butt, you won't be judged. My sister and I go there a lot."

Gabby is wearing a Topman bomber jacket, a JW Anderson for Topshop skirt, Dr. Martins and a vintage Polo tank from Wasteland.

Amanda Mitzman, director of e-commerce: "I'm a native Los Angeles girl so I'm really influenced by my surroundings. I have a little bit of a typical California vibe but I'm also inspired by my favorite actors and actresses. Beach style with a little bit of glam."

Style advice: "Don't be afraid to mix it up. Wear vintage and new clothing. You'd be surprised how cool it can turn out."

LA hidden treasure: "The Beachwood Cafe in Beachwood Canyon. I love going there for a healthy breakfast after a morning hike. The owner Patti is amazing, she treats everyone like family. It's also located next to an antiques store which is always fun to browse through."

Amanda is wearing the Betty Dress from, Alexander Wang heels and a vintage cuff.

Juliana McWilliams, senior buyer: "I like to wear a mixture of vintage and new pieces. I'm really inspired by the way my parents used to dress. Both are bikers and I grew up very much involved in that lifestyle. Now I have a motorcycle jacket collection, and I stockpile vintage Harley tees and things like that."

Style advice: "Be original. Try to mix old and new pieces, I think that's so important."

LA hidden treasure: "I just moved to Los Angeles two months ago so I'm not an expert yet. I really love the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I know that it's not a secret, but if you can really spend some time and dig you can find amazing stuff. You can get the best deals if you go later because the vendors don't want to pack everything back up. I think it's better to go later in the day."

Juliana is wearing Jeffrey Campbell boots, Acne jeans, and a vintage tee and jacket from Wasteland.

Jasmin Rivera, vintage curator: "My personal style tends to vary on a day-to-day basis. There are some days that I wear all black and that's perfectly fine with me because black matches everything and you don't have to think too hard about it. I really like simple pieces and a lot of jewelry."

Style advice: "Wear what makes you comfortable. For me, when I first started getting into what I was wearing I was super-'70s'd-out and it was cute—but I like keeping it simple now."

LA hidden treasure: "There's this park down the street from where I live called Wattles Mansion park that is beautiful on almost every day. It's on Hollywood and Curson. I like to take my dog there. Clothing-wise, I really love Mister Freedom. It's my favorite place for inspiration."

Jasmin is wearing Courtshop jeans, an Aiko shirt, Medici boots and The 2 Bandits bracelet.
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Mister Freedom

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