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Dukes of Melrose: Red Carpet Dreams, Oscar Nightmares

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Image via Bravo.
Image via Bravo.

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Last week, Dukes of Melrose introduced us to Decades and, more importantly, the shop's two minders: off-the-wall fashion fanatic Cameron Silver and down-to-earth worrywart Christos Garkinos. This week, we dive right into the madness of awards season. It's crunch time at Decades and the Oscars are mere days away. Christos and Cameron each have to dress clients for the big red carpet and various viewing parties, among them presenter Melissa McCarthy. As you might expect, drama unfolds.

The first crisis is Melissa's dress. Cameron can't find anything in his vintage archives that will fit a plus size, so he decides to get two dresses made. The actress tries them on two days before the ceremony, and it's discovered that her choice of gown will basically need to be completely remade because she's lost weight. Cue panic attack.

Meanwhile, Christos is on another consignment mission (aka a "closet raid") at the home of client Liza Mae Carlin where he nabs an Alaïa waist-cinching corset as well as some Prada and McQueen. In a matter of moments, he's walking out of the closet about 10 grand richer.

Garcelle in a rejected option.

Back at the ranch, Christos turns his eye to styling for actress Garcelle Beauvais, who is attending the Elton John Oscars viewing bash. After cycling through a few not-so-ideal options (of a fire-engine red Alaïa, he says, "It's like Naomi Campbell without the cell phone"), they settle on a stunning Prabal Gurung number. Christos is thrilled. "Some dresses and some clients are just made for each other. It's like fashion serendipity," he opines. Then, he's over the moon when Garcelle asks him to be her date to the event.

Cameron with Melissa's choice of dress for the Oscars.

On to Melissa's dress: After much frantic Rolodex searching, emailing and calling, Cameron has located a tailor that will take in the gown. Crisis averted. Considering the show is airing long after the awards, we already knew that that situation would work out.

Next scene: Christos at home, looking dapper in black tux, gets a call from his awards night date. She's had an allergic reaction to her eye makeup and won't be able to make the event after all. Thankfully, the man has an "ace in the hole"—his husband. They leave in matching black suits and bow-ties, and it's adorable.

The show ends on odd couple Christos and Cameron, who reveal confessional-style that they met on a blind date that didn't turn out so well. "If you stare at someone for more than five seconds in the eyes without blinking, it means you either want to have sex with them or kill them," says Cameron. Luckily, neither of them seem to be able to hold each other's gaze.
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