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Ellie's Lindsay Daniels Breaks a Sweat to Jay-Z in Venice

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Lindsay Daniels moved to Los Angeles from San Jose last May. On February 1st, she launched Ellie, a fitness and lifestyle brand that's as fashionable as it is affordable. "The biggest thing when it comes to living a healthy, active lifestyle is clothing," she says. "We want women to feel good about themselves both inside and out."

Daniels recognized a need in the market for activewear that won't break the bank. With items ranging from $30 to $70, or $49.95 for two pieces if you join the Fit Fashionista Club, Ellie promises to go easy on your wallet. A new collection based on customer feedback will be released each month with transitional pieces that are designed to take you from the gym to an afternoon juice date. "Ellie is the quintessential Southern California girl," Daniels explains. "She doesn't take things too seriously. She wants to enjoy her lifestyle and not change to fit the mold."

We met the young entrepreneur at Kreation Kafe near her Santa Monica offices where we talked about the importance of family, balancing stress and lifting weights.

What are you drinking today?
"It's called Modify. It has strawberries, apples and pears."

Neutrals or Bright Colors?
"Bright colors."

Where are some of your favorite spots to break a sweat?
"I live in Venice and I love running by the beach. It's right there, and if you go on a bright Saturday it's amazing, it's always bustling. Griffith Park is nice for hiking. There are also some really nice places to walk on the beach in Malibu."

Fruits or Vegetables?

What do you always order from your favorite coffee shop?
"At Dogtown Coffee on Main St, a coffee with steamed soy milk."

Gym Rat or Outdoor Runner?
"I go through phases. Right now, gym rat."

Do you have any weird habits?
"I have a weird habit of forgetting to close doors. If you ever walk in the kitchen, every cupboard will be left open. Only when I lived with people did I figure that out."

Night In or Night Out?
"Night out."

Any nicknames?
"A lot of my friends call me 'L.D.'"

What's on your workout playlist?
"Jay-Z mostly, or Kanye West. Also Rihanna—of her stuff gets you going."

Stilettos or Flats?

What's your favorite thing about spring?
?"My birthday in April, the start of spring."

Reality or Fantasy?

What's the top fitness myth?
"I would say that a lot of women are afraid of lifting weights and they shouldn't be because you actually burn fat. Although the goal of most women is to be lean, you also have to build muscle. I've been lifting weights since college but I had a lot of friends that would just live on the treadmill and be done. You have to do both."

What do you wear when you work out?
"Black capris and a fitted racerback top. I'll bring a loose raglan top to throw over it. When it comes to tops, always bright colors."

Radio or Television?

What is your favorite thing to do on a day off?
"Sleep in, go out to breakfast and, if it's nice out, go to the beach. I also like shopping, having a nice dinner and watching a movie at home."

What's the best gift you've ever received?
"Probably my family. My parents have always given me love and support. My brother and sister are always there for me. That's what I'm most thankful to have."

What's the last lesson you learned?
"Not to over-stress. Keep calm. I tell myself that everyday. I should be drinking a Balancing & Calm drink."
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Kreation Kafe

1023 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403