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Blogstar Geri Hirsch on Her Stellar Capsule for Lovers + Friends

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Photos courtesy of Lovers + Friends.

Geri Hirsch isn't just one of our city's most influential bloggers—she's a collab-happy machine. The stylish mastermind behind Because I'm Addicted and LEAFtv has worked with big-name brands like Gap, Barneys and, most recently, Topshop to reach cool girls across the globe by way of clever videos, campaigns and curations. After years of repping the designs of others, Hirsch is finally launching her own capsule in collaboration with LA label Lovers + Friends.

Ranging from $97 to $300, the Because I'm Addicted x Lovers + Friends collection is packed with covetable leather peplum tops, sharply tailored blazers, statement trousers and perfect partywear. Gearing up for the March 3rd launch, we sat down with Hirsch to hear more about her design debut.

What sparked your collab with Lovers + Friends?
"I've always had a curiosity and enthusiasm for design, so when Lovers + Friends approached me about the collaboration I didn't even have to think twice!"

Describe the collection in one sentence.
"Casual and chic with unexpected twists."

What is your absolute favorite piece?
"It's so hard to pick just one but if I must, I'd go with the Je Ne Sais Quoi Top in burgundy. I've yet to meet a body that the peplum doesn't look great on."

Were there any challenges during the design or production process?
"Editing down the line. On the one hand, we were really lucky because we made 40 or so samples that we really loved. On the other, we had to cut it down to about 16, which was a challenge. It was like only being allowed to invite half of your friends to your birthday party."

Who could you see wearing this collection?
"Anyone, from Jessica Alba to the girl next door. The line is so versatile and easy to wear—there's really something for everyone!"

When and where can the collection be purchased on March 3rd?
"Tons of small boutiques around the country and online at Revolve. In LA specifically, the collection will be available at Ron Herman, Angus Warhol, Charlie Blake, Elle A, Frock, Trio and Urban Outfitters."
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