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The Complete LA Guide to Shopping Prabal Gurung x Target

Image via Target
Image via Target

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Prabal Gurung x Target will debut at Target stores and online this Sunday morning. And whether you've been anticipating this launch for months or you're just now realizing that Sunday's the big day, get prepared for the inevitable early-morning mob scene. Because from the looks of things, there are a lot of super-cute pieces—fit-and-flare dresses and strappy heels included—and almost all of the collection is under $50, save for a leather jacket at $199.99.

To survive a shopping event of this magnitude, you're going to need a plan. Here are just a few things to consider before diving in.

7. Choose your location: No duh, right? Go here to look all the Targets in your area, and don't forget about the new CityTargets located Downtown and in Westwood. WeHo shoppers, note that the store has multiple entrances.

6. Set your alarm: Shoppers began lining up before 7am for Jason Wu's Target line. Plan to get in line at least an hour early, but if you have your eye on one of the collection's signature pieces (like the floral dress, shorts or blazer), you might want to add an extra hour of insurance.

5. Pick out what you want: Here's the full lookbook. Note a few top priority items before walking through the front doors. And head's up that not everything will be sold in stores. Some pieces of jewelry, the lace-front white blouse, the red ruffle-front dress and lots of shoes (including the ankle-strap heels in most colorways) will be online only.

4. Bring a friend: Once the doors open, things get wild really quickly. There's no telling how Target will merchandise the collection, other than it will be near the front of the store in the women's section. Will shoes and jewelry be in their own departments? Probably. Enlist a willing friend, divide and conquer. Also, one of you can fetch coffee while the other one waits in line.

3. Try stuff on: After you've filled your arms with whatever pieces you could grab in the melee, head straight to the fitting room. Trust: Do this sooner rather than later, as they quickly get clogged. If you need another size in something, the fitting room could also be the best place to find it as other shoppers try on and reject pieces.

2. Be honest with yourself: Just because you're working on three hours of sleep and you managed to grab a few highly-coveted items does not mean that you must buy them. If you really don't think you'll wear it, it's always nice to hand it to another interested shopper. Then again, Target's return policy is pretty lenient.

1. Keep it all in perspective: There's no need to shove another shopper (seen it), endanger the well-being of a Target staffer (again, seen it), swear, yell, horde large quantities of stuff, etc. At the end of the day, this is Target we are talking about.
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