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Adam Levine Intros Scent With an Arty Installation on Beverly

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Adam Levine's new fragrance, Adam Levine, is all smoke (no mirrors). As in, a smoke machine—the type sometimes seen in clubs and last night, experienced at the Adam Levine Premier Fragrance Installation on Beverly Boulevard. See, instead of throwing a typical launch party, Levine and the team at ID Perfumes decided to create a gallery-like experience with a warren of rooms designed to exemplify each note of his scents.

Enter, and you walk into a space filled with large fans on the floor that are blowing up onto a strip of sheer white fabric, making it undulate. This installation represented the top notes of the fragrance, "a fleeting first impression that lingers for only a few moments..."

From there, it was on to a room equipped with a bar doling out pink Veuve and servers carrying small bites, and then another room covered with soundproofing pyramid foam that featured multiple microphones suspended from the ceiling. This room was an interpretation of the dry notes of the scent, the "richest elements" as well as the "slowest molecules to evaporate."

A final room was dedicated to the mid notes of the scent, "often referred to as the heart" of the fragrance. Obscured by artificial fog, it contained a small circular platform stage covered with standing mikes. (Mikes are a recurring them; the top of the bottle is actually modeled to resemble one.)

Intrigued? It was certainly the most novel beauty launch we've attended. And since it was such a large-scale project, they've decided to let the general public experience it for a full week. It's open from 11am to 5pm if you'd like to visit.
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