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J Law's Second Dress And More Oscar Night Hits You Didn't See

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For a variety of reasons, fashion at the Oscars was kind of a snooze this year. The stakes are high, so stars don't want to take a risk. Stylists are there to ensure that every celeb selects something flattering. And lots of people just aren't invited. When everything is so tightly controlled, there's almost no chance of seeing something really wacky or jaw-droppingly awesome. That's why we've turned our attention to the more interesting red carpets of the night: the viewing bashes hosted by Vanity Fair and Elton John. The VF party brought out everyone from Natalie Portman (who was flawless in black and white with husband Benjamin Millepied) to J.Crew's Jenna Lyons (who arrived with girlfriend Courtney Crangi) while a newly brunette Britney Spears, a spiky-haired Miley Cyrus and sexed-up Nicole Richie were guests of Elton's fete.

The parties also featured Oscar award winners, who took their moment in the spotlight as an opportunity to change dresses once, twice, sometimes thrice. There were notable second looks from Jennifer Lawrence (who could do no wrong) and Anne Hathaway (questionable both times).

Some micro trends of note: Monaco blue, which was Pantone's top color for spring 2013; black and white; and blousy long sleeves. Sideboob was also popular, but you can't really consider that a trend anymore, can you? Above, the best looks from the red carpets you didn't see.
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