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Jaime King Swears by esNAIL, Is Hooked on Rembrandt

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Besides seeing stars at every turn, the best thing about living at the epicenter of awards season is the slew of red carpet-themed primping parties. Last night's soirée at Blo W Hollywood was a prime example of this perk, featuring gratis blowouts, mini makeovers, Rembrandt teeth whitening and face time with actress Jaime King. Mesmerized by the Hart of Dixie star's head-to-toe look, we stole her away to learn more about where she gets beautified locally.

Your mani is amazing. Did your girl Lana Del Rey tell you where to go?
"Lana told me to go to this one place, but I'm never, ever going back because they use and abuse you. My go-to place is esNAIL on Melrose—they changed my life. I get tips and gels, and then go crazy with designs. I've always been into nails, but for a long time I couldn't get them done because of my show. Now that my character is growing, I can play with them!"

Where do you get your hair done?
"I go to Jay Diola at Goodform on Fairfax. He's this amazing tattooed skater/surfer dude. I first heard about him through Christina Ricci about seven years ago. It's great because the salon is reasonably priced, super low key, and all the artists are amazing. Whenever I have to change my hair for a role, he's my guy."

What about color?
"Tracey Cunningham does my big color changes, but my husband colors my hair every three weeks. Tracey mixes the color, I pick it up and he does it."

What's the last best beauty trick you received?
"Someone turned me onto Clé de Peau concealer, and it's literally the best thing in the whole world. Completely life-changing."

How do you keep your teeth so white?
"Rembrandt. I don't know why, but I really love all Johnson & Johnson products—probably because I grew up in Omaha. When I was talking to my team about brands that I love and Rembrandt came up, I knew it was a perfect fit."

Are you going to the Oscars this year?
"No, but I'm supposed go to a few viewing parties. I think I'm going to stay home instead because I'm really tired. Viewing parties are fun and all, but you have to wear a really tight dress and you can't really talk to people. I need a night on the couch."
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Blo W Hollywood

6250 Hollywood Blvd, Ste 500 Los Angeles, CA 90028