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Inside Topshop LA's Wild Opening Block Party at The Grove

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Although the opening of Topshop's LA flagship store was projected for 4pm yesterday, a line of the brand's fanatics began to form around 5am. By the time the doors actually opened to the public for the first time, the line of eager shoppers wrapped all the way through the Grove's main drag and past Abercrombie & Fitch. Needless to say, the group of girls who were there to "stop by Topshop and pick up a shirt" left empty-handed.

To keep the patient crowd of shoppers amped up prior to the cash registers' first ring, Topshop hosted a British street party that featured a DJ, cotton candy machine, T-shirt printing and free temporary tattoos. The only problem was actually getting to any of the swag stations. The mob was so insane one hour before the opening that security was forced to continuously bark at shoppers in order to keep traffic flowing.

The final act before the store's unveiling, Demi Lovato, took the stage to blood-curdling screams as she sang her hit single "Give Your Heart a Break" and wished the crowd a Happy Valentine's Day. As she exited the stage, the crowd of approximately 10,000—the Grove's largest opening to date—knew that the time had officially arrived. LA finally had its very own Topshop.

As innocent bystanders attempted to exit the madness, we overheard one shocked tourist ask, "Is that how they open stores out in LA?" Well yes sir, yes it is.
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