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Eloise Lapidus Designs Cali Luxe Basics With a French Twist

Photos courtesy of Eloise Lapidus
Photos courtesy of Eloise Lapidus

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Parisian designer Eloise Lapidus is the daughter of famed couturier Ted Lapidus, a favorite of French style icons like Brigitte Bardot, Francois Hardy and Alain Delon. After being enchanted by LA's slow-paced lifestyle during a family vacation, she decided to move here to attend UC Berkeley and craft her debut clothing line, Bobo House.

Designed and produced in Downtown, Lapidus' range of sustainable basics offer Cali gals a touch of je ne sais quois by way of ultra-soft fabrics, chic phrases and illustrations. Here, the designer reveals her influences, dream clients and love for LA.

What inspired you to launch a line?
"Since I grew up fully immersed in fashion, it was a natural progression. It was really about filling a niche that I didn't think existed, while merging both of my worlds. In LA I longed for the classic, sexy, undone quality in the way Parisian women dress, and in Paris I missed the easy, bohemian appeal of the California girl."

What first attracted you to LA?
"I definitely feel as I'm on a constant holiday here, especially for a Parisian that is used to grey skies and rain for most of the year. I love the relaxed approach and attitude; there's a sense of freedom that's very unique to California."

How has your father influenced your designs?
"He was really pragmatic in his approach and also very technical. His philosophy was really about making great clothes that would fit great and be wearable. 'Couture' sounds like a scary term that would be frowned upon in today's fashion world, but at the time it was a very modern concept since he didn't conform to the stuffy norms of the traditionalists in the Couture world. He really brought Couture to the streets, but in a very poetic way, like New Wave Cinema at the time. Although I'm working in a completely different era and echelon than my father, he instilled a humbleness, simplicity and approachability in an industry that can be sometimes daunting and intimidating."

Who would you love to see wearing your designs?
"Everyday women. This is the reason why I make clothes. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the enthusiasm of my customers when they wear my designs and feel great in it. This is really what the brand is all about. My style inspirations of the moment include Drew Barrymore, Michelle Williams and Vanessa Paradis."
· Bobo House [Official Site]