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Nail Art Star Madeline Poole On Her New Book & Fave Designs

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Photos courtesy of Madeline Poole.

In honor of Madeline Poole's debut tome launching this April, Nails, Nails, Nails, the LA-based nail stylist and vintage lover is hooking up Racked readers with an exclusive peek at three of the book's featured mani designs. Click through the gallery for the looks and check out our chat with her below.

What can we expect from your new book?
"25 different designs with very thorough, very specific directions! I tried for a variety of not only styles but also techniques. There's lots of color, too."

What nail trends do you love and loathe right now?
"I love mixing matte and high gloss top coats like this. I'm not really into the 'flocked' or velvet nail look."

Your blog features some amazing designs. Do you have a favorite?
"My latest favorite here was inspired by a Bottega Veneta dress that I couldn't afford, so I painted it on my nails instead!"

Your work has been featured in a ton of lookbooks. Do you have any fun on set memories?
"I always have a good time on set with Nordstrom, shooting their catalogues. It's the sweetest little family, a rotating cast of amazing people. I ended up faux painting the walls for our last photo shoot in addition to painting toenails."

What about your rad nail wraps collab with NCLA?
"They're available February 18th—I can't wait! In addition to gradients, there's an outline design, two galaxy and tapestry floral designs by Steph Stone, as well as two amazingly beautiful moon manicure color combos by Jenna Hipp. They'll be available on,, and at Fred Segel and Kitson."
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