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The Launch of Prabal Gurung x Target Gets Off to a Slow Start

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After months of anticipation, the Prabal Gurung for Target collaboration officially hits stores today at 8am. Below, Racked's Leslie Price reports live from the West Hollywood location.

7:30am: Morning! I just arrived, and there's no one here.

7:32am: I see six cold-looking girls and one middle-aged woman.

7:33am: Sneaker wedges make an appearance.

7:34am: The girl in front of me is carrying a Balenciaga bag. She can probably afford real Prabal.

7:35am: One boyfriend has arrived with coffee. Meanwhile, it turns out the middle-aged woman was holding a spot for her daughter.

7:36am: Girl's mom is giving her practical advice as they look at the collection on an iPhone.

7:38am: It's dead here. Only two other people have arrived. And I thought I was running late!

7:40am: Ugg spotting. I also see a few sweatsuits.

7:41am: The mom in front of me has name-checked Kim Kardashian and Gisele in her discussion of trends. Just said, "I watched 90210 in my day!" She's plugged in.

7:42am: This is my view—part bleak cityscape, part Hollywood sign.

7:43am: The line is now at 13 including two non-shoppers (the mom and the boyfriend.) This might be the quietest launch I've ever been to.

7:45am: My backup has arrived! I want a hot tea, but I'm afraid it will impede my range of motion and ability to gather.

7:49am: There are now 17 people here. That's it. And we're less than 15 minutes out. Maybe it's too chilly? It's a brisk morning—like 50 degrees.

7:52am: OK, that's more like it! We're now at 27 and counting. Lots of people arriving, and they have their game faces on. I was foolish to hope for even a minute that this would be laid back.

7:55am: Couple older men at the back. Why? Can't be Prabal.

8:00am: Doors opening!

8:31am: Check out the teaser photos above, and tune in soon for a full report from inside.

UPDATE: Click here for a full rundown, from fit issues to immediate sell-outs.