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Prabal Gurung Report: Key Pieces Snapped Up, But Much Remains

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The good news first: Save for a few key styles, Target has plenty of Prabal Gurung left in stock. The bad news: A lot of it is ill-fitting, harshly-colored and weird. First to go were the tiny floral shorts, the floral blazer, the peplum top, the blue leather jacket, the floral fit-and-flare dress (as seen here) and the white top with black lace overlay. People had no interest in the ruffly neon dress, the blue colorblock dress or the long-sleeve floral tees.

As mentioned, the dresses suffer from fit issues—namely, an excess of fabric around the hips and a waist that isn't quite nipped in enough. Exempt from this is the teal-and-peach short-sleeved dress, which on the right body (small waist, medium-ly endowed) would look lovely, the shirtdress and the bow dress.

A few dark horse candidates that really came through: the aforementioned black lace top, which is pretty if a bit sheer at bottom, the chic black-and-white bow dress (still available in all sizes online) and drapey racerback tanks in coral and green; popular shoes included the neon strappy heels which, it must be said, have an annoying clasp closure.

All of this is to say that the collection was a real mixed bag, and you still have plenty of time to shop it if you are so inclined. The launch was so quiet that much of it remains available online—almost unheard of with Target collabs of this nature. Did you get up early to shop it this morning? Let us know your thoughts and hauls in the comments.
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