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Fashion Star's Louise Roe Compares Rich Girls in LA & London

Photo courtesy of Louise Roe.
Photo courtesy of Louise Roe.

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Back in 2009, British style expert Louise Roe moved to LA to host E!'s reality dating show, Perfect Catch. Her stateside gig led to stints as Olivia Palermo's arch nemesis on MTV's Hills spin-off, The City, and as a "style fairy godmother" on CW's makeover series, Plain Jane. On March 8th, the honorary Angeleno will make her debut as the new host of NBC's Fashion Star.

To wrap up Racked's luxury celebration known as Whale Week, Roe reveals her take on label show-offs and what high-end department store she hits to get her Jackie Collins fix.

Are you excited to take over Fashion Star?
"I'm thrilled! This season the mentors were given teams of designers, so there's a competitive edge that wasn't so prevalent last season. Expect a lot of tears on stage, a lot of tantrums backstage, and some unreal fashion for both girls and guys!"

What differences do you see in the way that wealthy women in LA dress compared to your native London?
"London is very different from LA. People almost go to great lengths to hide labels there. It's something I've noticed in cities across Europe, too. It's about being chic in a scruffy, understated way. Instead of something monogrammed and flashy, you'd go for, say, a Margiela sweater where the white stitches behind the neck give away the designer, or the Alex Wang boots that have a metallic indent on the heel. It's about the little details."

Where do you splurge when shopping in LA?
"I love Neiman Marcus. I always see Jackie Collins at NM's restaurant having lunch, which is a bonus!"

What was your last big fashion purchase?
"A printed '70s-inspired jumpsuit from Rachel Roy. She's an awesome, inspiring woman and I love her designs."

Do you have any advice for purchasing an investment piece?
"Think of at least three outfits you can create with it using other pieces you already own. If you can do that, then it's a keeper."

You recently hosted a party in LA for shopping site Hukkster. Is that what you use when you're on a budget?
"Definitely. It's a genius, easy-to-use website that acts like a universal shopping cart, blanketing all stores. You click it as you shop, but you don't buy yet. Instead, you wait for Hukkster to email you when your particular dress, shoes or whatever you've Hukk'd goes on sale."

What is the most expensive item that you've worn on a red carpet?
"I wore a half million dollars worth of Jacqueline Nerguizian jewelry to last year's Oscars. I was very nervous!"

Congrats on your recent engagement! If money grew on trees, who would design your perfect wedding dress?
"Thank you! Marchesa would be a dream."
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