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Majority of LA Fashion Insiders Say Nay to LA Fashion Week

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Just like last year, we've tapped a handful of reputable fashion friends to weigh in on 2013's greatest hits (and misses). We've already named LA's best shops, brands, dream stores, buyer's remorse, purchases, 'hoods, worst trends, best words. Now, insiders are explaining why LA should or shouldn't have a Fashion Week.

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Jen Weinberg, Glamour West Coast editor: "Nay. LA doesn't need a fashion week to prove it's a fashionable city."

Simone Harouche, stylist and Simone Camille designer: "Nay. Los Angeles Fashion Week has come a long way, but we still have a long way to go. That said, there is definitely a place for LA fashion."

Sonja Rasula, Unique LA founder: "Nay. NYC has most of the media so no matter how awesome LA's Fashion Week is, it will never get the same amount of hype, coverage, press... So I say come up with something new, something our own, something unique."

Richard Wainwright, A Current Affair co-founder: "Nay. As it is, the fashion calendar is over a month long and buyers and editors are not going to extend an additional week to LA unless there is something really special to offer. Unfortunately, any established LA designers worth looking at already show in New York. I think we should focus on re-building market week and play to LA's strengths, like boutique shopping, denim, celeb/red carpet and vintage, using special events and social media to lure consumers rather than trying to compete with the already crowded existing fashion weeks."

Kaya B. Mlle Mademoiselle designer: "Nay. Too late in the game."

Amanda Thomas, Luv Aj designer: "Nay. Let's leave it to NYC and London to do what they do best."

Melissa Akkaway, designer and Beckley Boutique owner: "Because I live in LA, I feel that the LA designers are more relaxed in their designs and vibe. I think it would be interesting to do more of a presentation-based fashion week, highlighting different areas of the city and the designers. Steer away from the seriousness of runway shows and try something new and fresh."

Christos Garkinos, Decades co-owner: "What is LA Fashion Week?"

Monica Rose, stylist and designer: "Yay for emerging talent in LA. I'm hopeful that LA fashion week productions will improve. I'm excited to see how the diverse scope of this city's designers resonate with future fashion weeks. It's only a matter of time."

Tommy Lei, My Belonging blogger: "I decided to attempt a few shows this past season and left somewhat underwhelmed. There is promise, but LAFW has a long way to go."

Sarah St. Lifer, freelance journalist: "I feel a tad guilty for saying this, but I have yet to participate in LA Fashion Week. I do hope that one day it will become something the fashion industry wholeheartedly embraces."
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