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This Non-Shampoo Will Solve All Your Frizz Problems

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Today's Editor's Pick comes from a special guest: Sarah Firshein, editor of Racked's sister site Curbed National.

Purely Perfect cleansing creme, $40

You name it, I've bought it: anti-frizz gels, creams, sprays, mousses, tonics, mists, and foams. I've made my naturally coarse, wavy locks suffer through Bio Ionic and Coppola Keratin alike. Last year, I resolved never to chemically straighten my hair again, resigning myself to dual hair personalities: strands that I can blow-dry during cool, dry weather and pull back from late spring through September.

So when my stylist at the Whittemore House Salon raved about the new Purely Perfect Cleansing Creme Shampoo after testing it out on her own hair, I was skeptical but game to experiment. Mark my words: This will become the next cult obsession for frizzy-haired girls.

The product—shampoo and conditioner in one, meant to be used whenever you wash your hair—doesn't sud up, like, at all. But once you get past the feeling of massaging hand cream into your scalp, you realize the results are totally worth it: shiny, frizz-free, easy-to-dry, and voluminous locks left with their healthy oils intact. Bonus points for the lovely, lasting fragrance of aloe and rose, and for the $40 price tag; after all, salon keratin treatments are way more expensive.
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