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Piper Gore on Vivrant Things, Embarrassing Dates & NYE Attire

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Pennsylvania's Piper Gore might have been born just outside of Philadelphia but was raised near Boston, schooled in Wyoming and finally found herself calling Los Angeles "home" just over 11 years ago. The Spanish Literature major's first job in the fashion industry with administrative, working for Lucky Brand Jeans before moving over to the Retail Training and Development team there and onto Levi's. Having always been interested in design, two years ago she decided to start her own line, PiperGore.

Her namesake label, which consists of everything from leather to lace and coats to harem pants (a PiperGore staple), can be described as "fun, feminine with a little bit of edge." The pieces are subtle with sophisticated details that are all quietly put together and designed to outlast your current wardrobe. "[PiperGore] is a mellow adaptation of trends," the designer explained. "I will never do something that is hugely trend-driven; if I like something, I want to be able to wear it ten years from now."

Gore is currently designing her Fall 2014 Collection and listening to "Vivrant Thing" by A Tribe Called Quest, a little inspiration that popped up on one of her morning runs that has played on repeat ever since. We caught up with the blue-eyed beauty for juice and acai bowls where we talked about birthdays, superpowers and New Years Eve ensembles.

What are you drinking today?
"Fire Me Up, it has jalapeño in it and I love jalapeño."

What is your off-duty attire?
"If we are totally off duty that means I'm on vacation, so I'm wearing a bikini."

Earth Tones or Jewel Tones?
"Earth Tones."

What do you never leave the grocery store without?
"Cheese, apples and wine."

True or Dare?
"Depends who I'm playing with but probably Dare."

Britney or Christina?

You're birthday is coming up, what is your best birthday memory?
"In Mexico with family and friends-beach, sunbathing, margaritas, tiaras-what more does a girl need? My mom's birthday is the day before mine so it is always extra special when we get to celebrate together. "

Sunrise or Sunset?
"I love the sunset but I'm always up for the sunrise on my morning run."

What is the most embarrassing thing you've ever done on a date?
"It happened recently! It was supposed to be a date but I was working late in New York so my sales team came with me, he was a good sport about it. We all went for drinks and then we sat down at a table, I had my work stuff with me so I put a bag that weighed probably 20 pounds on the back of my chair. One of his friends showed up and I stood up to shake his hand, and I remember being so impressed with myself for being polite enough to remember to stand up, then I went to sit back down and I'm sitting and sitting, thinking 'It's going to be there.' I fell all the way down!"

What's your favorite condiment?

If you were a super hero what would your name and superpower be?
"My name would be 'Vivrant Thing' and my superpower would be to make everyone happy."

What is your iPod's "Most Played" song?
"Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones."

What is your go-to New Years Eve look?
"It will probably always be leather pants. I always want to be in New York and I love dresses but it's just too cold!"

Do you have a hidden talent?
"None that I could name."

Basketball or Football?

What is your must-have scent?
"I have two! One is Angel from Thierry Mugler and the other is Acqua Di Parma Sicilian Almond, which is so funny because I actually don't like soaps that smell like almond. I think I read somewhere that cyanide smells like burnt almonds and the scent is the only way you can detect it. It's so perfect for my personality because it is initially so sweet but then it can just sting you!"

What is the first thing you do when you walk in the door after work?
"Give my dog a treat and after that it's music and candles. I really like ambiance."

PiperGore is available at ShopBop, Anthropologie and Neiman Marcus.
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