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Saint Laurent Sneakers & More of 2013's Regrettable Purchases

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Just like last year, we've tapped a handful of reputable fashion friends to weigh in on 2013's greatest hits (and misses). We've already named LA's best shops, brands and dream stores. Now, we're asking insiders what items they regretted purchasing this year.

Image via Saint Laurent

Amanda Thomas, Luv Aj designer: "I have been so into flats lately that all my beautiful heels have been collecting dust in my closet. With work and my lack of a social life, I would say a pair of heels I purchased this year was a big regret."

Kaya B. Mlle Mademoiselle designer: "Saint Laurent sneakers."

Sonja Rasula, Unique LA founder: "A studded leopard-print sleeveless blouse. I had brain freeze."

Christos Garkinos, Decades co-owner: "No regrets, ever."

Jen Weinberg, Glamour West Coast editor: "This amazing Lanvin vintage tea length skirt I just bought on eBay that's a size too small. Any takers?! Sigh."

Melissa Akkaway, designer and Beckley Boutique owner: "I bought a pair of shoes that were one size too small from the store Just One Eye. I should have returned them but was embarrassed."

Monica Rose, stylist and designer: "I don't regret any purchases."

Sarah St. Lifer, freelance journalist: "Some of the best purchases I have ever made have been at Zara's mega sales. The leather jacket I wear every other day? A Zara sale gem. The sandals that a Margiela designer snapped a photo of for her own inspiration? A Zara sale gem. But one item I wish I could return is a long black maxi skirt. I envisioned myself wearing it with an American Apparel racer-back tank, said leather jacket, and maybe some colorful jewelry or an over-sized belt. But, upon execution, I realized my dream outfit looked quite sloppy and not at all chic. Luckily, it cost me less than $15, so I'm not too broken up by it."

Tommy Lei , My Belonging blogger: "Fortunately, no regrets just yet. I have very selective instincts."
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