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Designer Jerome C. Rousseau Still Has His Childhood Monkey

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Remember that one Christmas or Hanukkah gift you always wanted as a kid? Be it a Tickle Me Elmo or My Little Pony, your entire life revolved around that toy, and nothing could stop you from receiving it. (Except maybe your parents.) This holiday season, we're asking five LA style stars to reveal their best childhood wishes.

Photo courtesy of Jerome Rousseau

We've been crushing on Jerome C. Rousseau for years. After launching his footwear line back in 2008, the charming Canadian expat promptly stole the hearts of a slew of top starlets and comediennes, like Olivia Wilde and Sarah Silverman. (Fun fact: a '90s dance music video inspired him to start designing.)

Way before getting into the biz, Rousseau was a naughty boy who wreaked havoc if his stuffed animal needs were not met.

I was sometimes a little brat as a child. Growing up in the north of Quebec, there was nothing to do all year except listen to Cyndi Lauper and wait for Christmas to come. During the year I had become obsessed with a stuffed monkey toy. It had long soft arms with velcro on the hands so you could tie it behind your neck and carry it around hands-free. I wanted it so much I had talked about it for months! One day, Christmas presents suddenly appeared under the tree. There was a big box for me, much bigger than the monkey. I was devastated and furious at once. I started kicking the box and throwing it around the house and down the stairs as I thought mum didn't buy me the monkey I had wanted. Turns out, she had wrapped it in a huge box to surprise me. Good thing it wasn't fragile because I would have destroyed it. (I still have it, by the way.)

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