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Raquel Allegra's Chranukkah Wish Was A Litter of Cuteness

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Remember that one Christmas or Hanukkah gift you always wanted as a kid? Be it a Tickle Me Elmo or My Little Pony, your entire life revolved around that toy, and nothing could stop you from receiving it. (Except maybe your parents.) This holiday season, we're asking five LA style stars to reveal their best childhood wishes.

Raquel Allegra is the originator of cobweb-shredded tees. In addition to crafting too-cool collections, hosting mega sales, and dressing stars like Kate Moss and Cate Blanchett, this LA designer is busy promoting supporting early computer science education.

Before all this, multi-tasking Allegra had one Christmas/Hanukkah (aka Chranukkah) wish as a kid, and she was lucky enough to have it come true.

Chranukkah came early when my dog, Sally, gave birth to SEVEN black and white lab puppies.

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