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Eater LA's Kat Odell Really, Really Wanted an Easy-Bake Oven

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Remember that one Christmas or Hanukkah gift you always wanted as a kid? Be it a Tickle Me Elmo or My Little Pony, your entire life revolved around that toy, and nothing could stop you from receiving it. (Except maybe your parents.) This holiday season, we're asking five LA style stars to reveal their best childhood wishes.

Photo courtesy of Kat Odell.

Kat Odell is the stylish editor of our food-enthused sister site, Eater LA. When she's not shopping for her charmed closet or eating at fabulous restaurants, she's busy starring on her own Bravo show, Eat, Drink, Love.

Although Odell now has the world's snazziest kitchenware at her disposal, there is one kid-friendly appliance that she's never been able to get her hands on.

Major shocker, but as a kid I really wanted an Easy-Bake Oven. I'm not entirely sure why, but my parents never thought I needed to own one. I guess because my whole family was/is big on cooking in regular bake ovens, therefore a faux oven didn't really fit their game plan. What appealed to me most about the Easy-Bake Oven was that I could make brownies or whatever without any parental help. I also remember going shopping at some department store and seeing a fruit roll-up making kit that I really wanted, but again my mom wasn't a big fan so she wouldn't buy it.

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