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Rodarte Star Chloe Nørgaard Talks LA, Crazy Hair and Candy

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Chloe Nørgaard has only one requirement for her new LA home: "I just really want a garden. I'm moving there in March and can't wait. I love California." Although the 22-year-old model was born in Long Beach, she's been "based nowhere" for quite some time due to an insanely busy shooting sched that involves everything from lookbooks to book-books.

The rainbow-haired muse recently scored the cover of One Management founder Scott Lipps' new picture diary, POPLIPPS: Plus One, which was a good excuse to throw a huge rager in Miami during Art Basel. We stopped by last week's party co-hosted by Lipps, Electric Room owner Nur Khan and VS. Magazine to find out just why brands like Rodarte and Nasty Gal can't get enough of this soon-to-be Angeleno.

When did you start dying your hair wild colors?
"Back in elementary school, I dyed it blue. I got even more experimental in high school and haven't stopped since!"

What's the weirdest fashion moment you've experienced so far?
"It's not really fashion-related, but the weirdest thing that happened recently actually just happened a few minutes ago. After me and my friends ate at Barton G. [a restaurant in Miami], I picked up a huge cotton candy that I wanted to give to Scott [Lipps]. We couldn't catch a car, so we drove on one of those bicycle taxis. It was a long ride so the cotton candy started melting and melting. By the time we got here, the candy was a bit of a mess. It was hilarious!"

So funny. Given that you work with so many LA brands, which is your current favorite?
"My friends have a brand called Mamadoux, and I love it. They make the clothes and shoot the clothes. They do everything!"

When you move to LA, where can we find you at?
"Everywhere. Downtown has some really cool stuff right now, so I like to go there. There's some great warehouse parties down there, too. I also love the beach."
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