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Anthropologie's Whimsical Wares Hit Pasadena This Winter

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Old Town Pasadena's known for its mix of big-name retailers and indie boutiques, so it's not at all surprising that cutesy fashion giant Anthropologie had its eyes set on the eclectic shopping district. After a heads-up from a tipster, we beelined to One Colorado, where our walkby of the historic buildings confirmed that Anthro's minty-green doors will be opening this winter.

In addition to scoring the nearly 6,000-square-foot former Waterworks storefront at 35 N Fair Oaks Avenue, it appears that Anthro is also taking over the neighboring space at 41 N Fair Oaks—which means the store could easily land at over 8,000 square feet. They'll be setting up shop right alongside Mohawk General Store, outdoor gear store Patagonia and handmade bath shop The Soap Kitchen. (All good company!)

No word yet if the space will house a Petites shop-in-shop; stay tuned for more deets.
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35 N Fair Oaks, Pasadena, CA