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We Survived Working Out with Celeb Trainer Tracy Anderson

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Working out with Tracy Anderson is just as difficult as you'd expect it to be. The superstar trainer is single-handedly responsible for shaping the enviable bods of stars like bestie Gwyneth Paltrow, Stacy Keibler and Shakira, so we semi-knew what we were getting into when signing up for last night's press workout.

Held at her newish studio in Brentwood (it also hosts a Paltrow-approved blow-dry bar), the exclusive event drew a packed house of excited/terrified editors from WWD, Us Weekly, E! and more. After guzzling a gallon of water, we headed inside the heated room (86 degrees!) where the 60-minute class would be held. Anderson then emerged in all her pint-sized glory and explained that she doesn't talk or instruct during the workout, so the goal is to follow her moves as best as we can. Oh boy.

The Tracy Anderson Method class offered was called AtTAin Definition, which is a mat-based workout focused on arms, abs and legs. The crazy amount of leg lifts, high kicks and rapid arm movements involved was a recipe for immediate perspiration. Anderson was definitely in her own zone during the session (the woman is a machine), but she did check in occasionally to make sure that we were all still alive. Save for frequent sweat-wiping and water-chugging breaks, students kept up the pace in the name of one glaring motivation: Tracy's ridiculously fit body. Music was upbeat and loud, and featured everything from Jay Z to Miley.

Once the workout was over, Anderson announced something major for LA fans. Starting December 1st, Tracy Anderson Brentwood and Studio City will exclusively launch The Liquid Program, where anyone—even non-members!—can come in and purchase a 75% organic juice or a smoothie at the studio. (Don't confuse this with a juice cleanse, because she "100% hates" those things.)

The program's juices cost $11.99 and features flavors like the Refresh that contains cucumber, pineapple, apple, mint and a nice kick of jalapeño. Smoothies are $12.99 and include filling drinks like the Comfort with alkalized water, handcrafted cashew milk, cinnamon, sea salt and maca. Mark your cal!
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