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Racked Readers Raved at AuraYoga's Glow-In-the-Dark Studio

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We see the light! Last night's Racked Fit Club class at AuraYoga was all kinds of magic. Similar to its indoor cycling counterpart, AuraCycle on West 3rd, this hot yoga studio features an out-of-this-world lighting system that kept our students ohhing and ahhing in between oms.

The sold-out class was led by master yogi (and 10-year Lululemon Ambassador!) Jake Ferree, whose encouraging words motivated everyone to complete his vinyasa flow sequences. Also offering a helping hand was JQ, who made adjustments while chanting to soothing sound bowls. This wasn't just a workout—it was an experience.

After the glowing sweat session, students were treated to ice cold refreshments from Juice Served Here and surprised with a free two-week trial of AuraYoga classes. Namaste, indeed!
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