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These Tees Let You Wear Your James Franco Love on Your Sleeve

Image via Clashist
Image via Clashist

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If there's anyone who can make every inner nerd's heart flutter, it's stylish techie Heather Lipner. Fresh off designing an iPad-ready clutch for Alternative, the Uncovet founder is channeling the dreams of every Tumblr-loving cool kid with Clashist, her soon-to-be-launched line of meme-ready apparel.

Paying homage to pop culture heroes like Bill Murray, James Franco (not even Kimye can hide their Franco fandom after this) and even the man of the holiday season, the entrepreneur-turned-designer's currently seeking backers to turn the fangirl- and fanboy-friendly idea into IRL merch. Even better, the designs will be printed on American Apparel tees using a process called digital sublimation—all made right here in LA.

"I wanted to create something that blended internet/pop culture and design," Lipner tells us. "I mean Freaks & Geeks, Mallrats, Dazed & Confused, every Wes Anderson movie, all my memories of being a young girl cutting up photos of Luke Perry from the latest Teen Bop magazine—all that true cult-like passion needed to be expressed in a nostalgic new wave fashion."

So who are a few other crushes we might expect to wear on our sleeves? Ryan Gosling, The Golden Girls, Luke Perry, the Olsen Twins and Zach Galifianakis (yes please!) are all likely contenders, Lipner says. Oh, and "perhaps an abstracted Kimye." Amazing.

Dig it? The designer tells us a limited run of Santa tees will be released at the beginning and throughout the campaign. Be the first to snag one and contribute to the project's Kickstarter page by December 23rd here.
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