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Exclusive! MUJI Tells Us Everything About Their LA Flagship

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A peek at MUJI Hollywood's entrance sign.
A peek at MUJI Hollywood's entrance sign.

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Five months ago, we revealed that ultra-cool Japanese chain MUJI was set to open an 8,600-square-foot US flagship store inside the Hollywood Galaxy Shopping Center this fall. After a slight delay in timing, we're thrilled to report that MUJI's West Coast debut is officially set for Saturday, December 14. This is less than one month away and totally exciting, so we couldn't resist cornering the minimalist home and lifestyle company to find out anything and everything about the game-changing launch.

Why did it take so long for MUJI to open in LA? We're big fans!
"We have seven stores in the US at this moment—five in New York and two in Northern California. It took us seven years to open our first store on the West Coast in San Francisco in 2012, but since then, we are headed for faster expansion."

What led you to finally expand to our city?
"We were inspired by the market of diversity of Los Angeles. MUJI's simplicity and modesty fits the diversified lifestyles of people living in the US, the biggest market in the world. We hope to open more stores in Southern California in the near future."

What drew MUJI to Hollywood, specifically?
"Hollywood district, the center of visual entertainment, attracts millions of people annually from all over the world. We believe the Hollywood Galaxy Shopping Center location will bring not only visitors but the local people and residents of this dynamic district. We look forward to MUJI establishing its presence in Los Angeles by bringing MUJI's philosophy and products to all people."

Were you interested in any other LA neighborhoods?
"No, the Hollywood Galaxy Shopping Center was the first location that we were interested in in Los Angeles. However, with the opening of this flagship store, we hope to expand to more locations. We look to expand our business and open 20 to 25 stores in the US within the next three years."

What will be some of MUJI Hollywood's merchandise highlights?
"MUJI Hollywood will be the first store in the US to carry new lines such as food, MUJI Labo, and Found MUJI. MUJI Labo is a clothing line that infuses the simplicity and practicality of MUJI's stationery and lifestyle goods into clothing, with attention to detail for comfort and functionality. Found MUJI will feature items from around the world, re-discovered and renewed by MUJI, to represent the roots and philosophy of our products. In addition to our popular products in stationery, household items, and apparel, these new products will be the new highlights of the store."

Are there any LA exclusives that will be featured in this location?
"Currently, Found MUJI will only be available at the Hollywood store in the US."

Tell us a little about the new store's decor.
"All of our stores are designed to feature the MUJI concept of simplicity, modesty and quality. MUJI products are modulated to work in harmony with each other, and the store is designed to represent the balance of the products."

Will there be an opening party or events surrounding the opening?
"There is a pop-up store planned to open early December at the Hollywood Galaxy Shopping Center to introduce the store opening and to provide a preview of our products. There will also be a press preview reception on December 13th, and special giveaways for the opening day."
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MUJI Hollywood

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