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Looksy's Boho Fashion Bus is an Accessory Lover's Paradise

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Although we've seen a lot of fashion trucks in our day, there's something about Looksy's new bus that we've fallen head over heels for. Maybe it's the vehicle's boho decor, which feels like you're stepping into a stylish time warp circa 1970. Maybe it's because the pricing is extremely reasonable and the hosts are incredibly friendly. Maybe it's because indie folk band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros are superfan and that's pretty cool. Whatever it is, we're on board.

In honor of Travel Week 2013, two of the two-year-old e-tailer's owners, Diana Maciel and Mimi Chung rolled by Racked LA HQ to show us their wonderland on wheels. "We bought the school bus one month ago on Craigslist and refurbished it ourselves!" they revealed. In addition to hosting all of Looksy's best products, the bus also features a slew of new covetables, including handbags, jewelry, sunnies, plants, NCLA nail art, scarves and even vintage LPs.

Follow Looksy on Twitter to see where their bus will be parked next. (They're often at Melrose Trading Post on Sundays.) Or call 1-800-A-Looksy if you'd like to book a holiday shopping spree for you and your friends! $500 is the minimum, and you can divvy up that amount with your pals to spend inside the bus.
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