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Eight Stylish LA Spots for Scoring Non-Cheesy Local Souvenirs

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From Hollywood to Venice to the Sunset Strip, run-of-the-mill tourist gift shops are as ubiquitous as our towering palm trees and big red tour buses. But when "I Heart Los Angeles" tees and plastic Oscar statues aren't gonna cut it, where's one to go for stylish souvenirs?

To help us answer that question, we tapped fashionable globetrotter (seriously, check out her National Geographic-worthy Insta) and Rose Agency owner Jacqueline le Rose to give us a hand. Already a pro at scouring the globe for stylish wares to bring Stateside (blogstars can thank her for bringing over Oz apparel label One Teaspoon), we knew the Aussie-bred, LA-based lifestyle brand rep could guide us to our town's non-traditional touristy treasures. Whether you're an out-of-towner, an international transplant or a native Angeleno, here are eight non-cheesy places to help you commemorate the City of Angels in style.

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