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Isabel Marant for H&M: Diehards Arrive with Coffee, on Segways

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This morning at 8am, the Isabel Marant for H&M collab officially lands in stores. Below, Racked LA associate editor Danielle Directo-Meston reports live from the Marant madness at H&M Beverly Center.

7:20am: Happy Isabel Marant for H&M day! Folks are arriving with Starbucks in hand. Smart!

7:22am: A lady just arrived with a stroller. That's gonna be rough, but she's got a buddy who I'm sure will be tag teaming it with her.

7:30am: There's a guy on a segway. WTF.

7:32am: Wow, the first people arrived at 2pm yesterday. That's serious dedication.

7:35am: Our wristband grants us at 9:05am entry. We're in the clear.

7:36am: Oh no! Lady behind me arrived sans wristband. "I have no idea what I'm doing!" She has to go all the way back outside to get one. That sucks.

7:38am: People are pretty well-dressed and ready to roll this morning, wearing sneakers, leggings, nothing that will get in the way of the massive grab sesh that's likely to go down. I spot a lot of Alexander Wang.

7:40am: Crowd is mostly ladies, though there are a few supportive boyfriends in tow.

7:43am: Staff says that men's and kid's shoppers are allowed in starting at 8am, then the women's department will open.

7:50am: We're moving!

7:55am: Folks are buzzing about the beaded jacket, sweaters and those fringe boots. A lot of petite ladies say they're going to make a beeline to the kid's section.

7:58am: The music seems like it's getting louder, but nobody's dancing yet. Too early?

8:01am: Line is moving pretty fast. People are pumped!

8:09am: Almost in, but more waiting...awaits. I'll be granted entry at 9:05am.

8:13am: Girl in front of me says her friend is already in. "They're taking everything!" Crossing our fingers that they'll be restocking.

8:17am: We're in!

Update: The liveblog continues here.

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