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Eight Stylish Carry-On Bags by LA Designers

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Now that you know how to pack your suitcase like a champ, let's talk about that vital-yet-often-neglected travel accessory: the carry-on. Available in weekender, duffle, tote, backpack and oversized satchel form, this essential bag is your ultimate roll dog, especially if you lose your checked-in luggage. (We're so hoping this never happens to you!) With that said, it's time to give her a little TLC, don't you think?

If you're looking to replace that beat-up Jansport that you've been secretly toting for years in a non-ironic way, here's a roundup of eight foolproof carry-on bags crafted by LA's best. From Marie Turnor's IKEA-inspired creation above to Cleobella's Halle Berry-beloved design, options are plentiful.

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