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A Complete LA Guide to Prepping & Unwinding For A Flight

Image via @anitapatrickson/<a href="">Instagram</a>
Image via @anitapatrickson/Instagram

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As our city's jet-setting blogstars can probably agree, traipsing through terminals can be taxing on the mind, body and soul. (TSA pat-downs, need we say more?) When it comes to keeping it cool after trips of business and pleasure, we knew regular wayfarer and LA-based celebrity stylist Anita Patrickson could offer some much-needed advice, thanks to the thousands of frequent flyer miles she's no doubt racked up.

The South Africa-born, London-schooled globetrotter is no stranger to the tarmac: Her eclectic style is fueled by her many international adventures, and red carpet stars like Emma Watson, Julianne Hough and Nina Dobrev are just a few celebs she's dressed. In addition to styling the pages of Vanity Fair, Elle, Lucky and other top fashion mags, Patrickson is also a regular on the telly, dishing out advice to would-be runway strutters on America's Next Top Model and style pointers to morning show viewers.

Click on the jump to get the low-down on prepping and relaxing before, during and after your flight.

1. Pack smart. As designer Erin Condren explained yesterday, stay organized and make sure all your essentials are packed. Patrickson also suggests keeping your most-used items—like phone chargers—at the top of your bag so they're ready to grab when you need 'em. She also encourages packing a big, cashmere scarf as a stylish accessory that doubles as a blanket.

Image via TOMS

2. Comfy shoes are your best friends. In addition to being a cinch to slip on and off during security checks, comfortable sneakers and flats (and even booties) are "perfect travel shoes," Patrickson notes. "There is no need to look frumpy but there is also absolutely no reason to add in any additional stress on your feet."

3. Start your trip on the right foot by beating jet lag. Ever heard of circadian rhythm? Essentially, it's your biological time ticker that keeps your bod in check from sunrise to sunset. Know what time you'll be landing at your desto and get yourself on that city's time sched. In addition to drinking plenty of water, "I try and get on the time zone from the moment I get on the plane and stay awake or sleep accordingly," Patrickson says. "Also, eating on the schedule of the time zone you are meant to be in can trick your body into adjusting faster."

4. Avoid piling on the makeup. If you're taking an international flight, opt for a tinted moisturizer instead of heavy foundation, especially if you plan on taking a mid-air beauty rest. You can always freshen up your face once you land. To help with the high-elevation swelling and bloating, Patrickson tells us she stashes peppermint tea bags in her purse to place on puffy eyes. She adds, "Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream covers a multitude of sins. Great for chapped lips or dry cuticles, I even put if all over my face on a long haul flight to protect my skin. It might not look too pretty initially, so you may want to wait until they turn the lights off!"

5. Treat yourself when you arrive. Vacations are all about getting some good R&R, so natch, you're probably already thinking of hitting up a salon or spa post-arrival. Patrickson suggests penciling in a facial or reflexology in your schedule after you land—and even pre-booking your appointment at the hotel for good measure. "Reflexology is a great way to rest your poor little feet. It increases circulation and also helps you get a good night's sleep, she says. "If I can make myself I will also try and hit the hotel gym and run for 20 minutes, although in all honestly it's usually more of a pipe dream than a reality!" (We hear ya, sister.)

Image via Clarins

6. Get pampered when you're back on your home turf. "After a lot of flying everything feels a little swollen and dehydrated from the plane and achy from lugging bags around, so this is the perfect way to decompress," Patrickson says. Whether you hit up the spa, book a massage or get all DIY with home facials, treating yourself can work miracles. Patrickson suggests lathering tomato seed oil or Clarins' HydraQuench Cream-Gel on your face before hopping into bed. "It's a complete miracle worker!"

Image via @anitapatrickson/Instagram

7. Recalibrate by hitting up the outdoors. From the celeb-faved Runyon Canyon to Griffith Park, nothing says "welcome home!" like a good hike while soaking up Cali's sunny weather. Patrickson cites Point Dume and Franklin Canyon as her "happy places that get me back to neutral after being away."

8. Grab a juice. Vacations are the ultimate excuse to indulge in all that delish getaway grub. Get back on track with some well-needed vitamins and minerals, like Pressed Juicery's line of Greens drinks or health guru Kim Snyder's Glow Bio Detoxifier juice.—plus, both will deliver straight to your door. "I also adore Earthbar, the 'Radiant Skin' smoothie with coconut water instead of almond milk and I add in blueberries for some extra anti oxidants is my fave," Patrickson says.
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