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These Classic Sneakers Are Made with Liberty Art Fabrics

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Today's pick comes from Racked National columnist Frank Gargione.

Liberty Authentic Vans, $60 at Vans

A second delivery of fresh Vans sneakers in archival Liberty art fabrics is upon us, and, well, they're pretty fabulous. The sneakers themselves are the same durable, functional, comfortable, always-in-style shapes we rely on from a brand like Vans. Likewise, the patterns are classic Liberty. You've likely encountered them before: exuberant, flowery, and oh so whimsically British, with some brash color-blocking and an updated acid print thrown into the mix to keep this from running stale.

What a perfect way to embrace the maximalist, internationalist, printed-everything fashion moment we're in the midst of—and for a mere $60. The peacock-feather print is my favorite because, well, peacock feathers—but the whole lot is pretty stunning.
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