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Italian Greyhounds at Gabriela Artigas Love Late Afternoon

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Photos courtesy of Gabriela Artigas

While welcoming Gabriela Artigas to the neighborhood, we could not help but notice her incredibly adorable Italian Greyhounds. Harry and Antonia belong to sisters Gabriela and Teresita Artigas and have quickly become fixtures at the new West Hollywood boutique. Though they aren't related by blood, Harry, who is ten years old to Antonia's five, has filled the role of older brother.

Teresita Artigas tell us that despite being the elder, Harry is the life of the party. "Harry jumps and wants to play all the time while Antonia is more serious and independent," she explains of their personality differences. "She minds her things."

Unlike most store employees, Harry and Antonia's favorite part of the workday isn't closing time, but is instead around 4pm when the sun lowers letting the natural light fill the whole store. It makes sense as their favorite thing to do is catch the rays, "It's really funny how Harry is always looking for the tiniest ray of sun," Artigas said. While Harry is searching for the perfect tanning spot, Antonia is playing guard dog. Though pretty and sweet, she is a fighter. She would bark at even the meanest dog!
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