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Venice Artist and Actress Diana Garcia Loves Rodarte, Vintage

First image by <a href="http://www.elizabethdanielsphotography.com/">Elizabeth Daniels</a>. All other images by Mariana Garcia.
First image by Elizabeth Daniels. All other images by Mariana Garcia.

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If you've ever been to Gjelina in Venice, then you've surely seen this Uniwolfcheetah drawn on the popular eatery's exterior. The mastermind behind the mythical creature is Diana Garcia, a Mexico-born, Venice-based artist and actress. The stylish creative just opened a "cereal-centric takeaway cafe" on Abbot Kinney with her fiancée, musician Gregory Rogove.

Our sister site Eater LA toured Another Kind of Sunrise last month, when an All For The Mountain-decked out Garcia caught the eye of Eater/Racked photographer Elizabeth Daniels. (That's her image above.) Equally intrigued, we stopped by AKOS to check out the spot and chat with the gal ourselves.

When and why did you move to LA?
"Four and a half years ago, I fell in love with an American. Greg and I met at a film festival in Mexico City; he was playing a show with Devendra Banhart with their project MEGAPUSS. We kissed that night and have been together ever since. After eight months of traveling together, I moved to LA with him."

What inspired you and Greg to open Another Kind of Sunrise?
"It was Greg's idea. He always thought there should be a cereal restaurant, and here we are, developing the organic version of his dream!"

What is the most popular menu item?
"People love eating the gluten- and wheat-free cereals with Mylkman, a young coconut and almond milk mix. They're also into the Paleo granola, the acai bowls and the chia porridge."

Where do you shop in LA and was your last great score?
"Although I don't really like to shop, I like going to vintage stores to find unique pieces. My last purchase was a crazy-beautiful long dress I found at Gotta Have It here in Venice. It makes me look like I'm from a cult when I wear it!"

Who are your favorite designers?
"I love the Mexican designer sisters Julia y Renata. I also really like and the Rodarte sisters. I guess I'm into sisters collaborating."

As an actress, would you like to work with in Hollywood one day?
"There's a crazy list, but I'd love to work with Woody Allen."

What was the last amazing film you saw?
"Becoming Bulletproof is the story of how four very different people with disabilities from across America take on leading roles in an ambitious indie film production, to make a Western entitled Bulletproof."

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
"I never know. The only Halloween outfit I have in my closet is a Cat Woman outfit I made in 2008. I might use it again!"

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