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Ashley Paige's Warhol-Inspired Factory Packs Up on Sunset

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Another short-lived boutique bites the dust. Following Foundry's unexpected exit on Melrose, Ashley Paige's newish boutique/gallery on the corner of Sunset and Gardner has suddenly thrown in the towel, too.

Last January, we toured the celeb-favored swimwear designer's new digs, where Paige promised that "tons of art shows, fashion fetes, and Warholian shindigs" were on the horizon. Although there were a few fun sales and parties at the concept space, something was missing for Paige. But what? See below for the designer's cryptic farewell on Facebook.

"SO Yesterday was my last day at the store front on Sunset. As i left the building , i turned one last time... staring at the empty space i felt nothing. :))))) its time to start feeling, if you are in a job where you feel nothing turn around with a big smile and ...LEAVE. Its ok." Hmm.
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Ashley Paige

7501 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood CA, 90046