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Hurley at The Stylist LA Was Named After a TV Character

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Photos courtesy of The Stylist LA

The Stylist LA owner Emily McDonald adopted her three-year-old pal after he was found wondering around the streets of Los Angeles alone. "The people who found him named him Hurley after the character on Lost," she explained of his name. "Because he was found running down La Cienega, lost." She later learned that the new guard dog at The Stylist LA showroom in Mar Vista is a beagle, chihuahua and dachshund mix.

Hurley spends his long days at the showroom lying on the couch under the lamp, in McDonalds lap while she works on the computer or at the front door, eagerly awaiting the clients who bring other dogs for him to play with. He also likes to get comfy on the rugs in the changing rooms when it's time to help the girls pick out the perfect dress. Ladies man!

Though rentals happen at The Stylist LA by appointment only, Hurley and company spend a lot of the day in the showroom and his neighborhood walks are the perfect time for McDonald to get outside and concentrate on the day's agenda. Hurley has one last spot he likes to lounge if he's bored with the rest of the showroom, "He made himself comfortable and fell asleep on some of our best beaded Parker dresses," McDonald told us. Another pooch with great taste."
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