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Where Should Uniqlo Open Its First LA Store?

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Welcome to Hypothetical Fridays, where we dream of locations for stores that do not exist in LA, nor have plans to open here anytime soon. Our first target is Uniqlo, which continues to break our hearts by opening shops everywhere but the City of Angels. San Francisco landed the global retailer's first West Coast location and will score four more Bay Area spots this year alone.

You'll recall that back in February, Uniqlo said that they wanted to be "very careful" if they opened a shop here because "it's like a new country." Just this week, the retailer's chief operating officer added that they will "think through the specific strategy for L.A., but right now, we are studying it. We will think about do we open multiple stores right away versus have a flagship and wait a year to open up the suburban areas."

While we wait for them to navigate this country of a city, why not have a little fun with it and help them select a potential location for their LA debut?

From the new and improved Glendale Galleria (some commenters have already vouched for this spot) to the bustling, Topshop-graced Grove, weigh-in below (poll is open for the next 48 hours) and state your case in the comments. Fingers crossed that Uniqlo takes a hint! Update 10/6: The Grove wins!

Poll results

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The Grove

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