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Violet at Society of the Spectacle Is Addicted to Carrots

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Photos courtesy of Society of the Spectacle

Highland Park's Society of the Spectacle has a mysterious Chinese Black Pug blocking traffic at the front of the store. Violet, who is ten years old, has been working hard since she was only a puppy but specializes in eyeglasses. The fan favorite is especially close to the UPS and FedEx guys who are under her spell, but she doesn't mind hanging out with the neighbors also. The heartbreaker even has a boyfriend, matching pug Bert who may or may not have seen her sunbathing in the backyard once or twice.

The pint-sized pup has a serious addiction to carrots and has the power to get everyone around the boutique, customers included, to share her favorite snack. Seriously though, the addiction is real: "One day she was barking at one of the trashcans in the shop and we could not figure out why," store co-owner Katie O'Connell said. "It was discovered that the trash can contained an empty container of carrot juice." So, next time you stop by the store be sure to come prepared with a healthy snack.
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