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The Unisex Body Wash That's Actually Unisex

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Today's pick comes from Racked editorial director Izzy Grinspan.

Malin + Goetz's bergamot body wash, $18

"Unisex" means "suitable for both sexes," but in practice, it tends to skew mannish. Malin + Goetz's bergamot body wash is an exception. The scent isn't flowery and feminine, but it's also not woodsy and masculine. It's just totally gender neutral, without the blandness that neutrality implies—zingy and refreshing in a way that's much more interesting than lemon or even lemongrass.

That's what makes this such a great gift for a guy-girl household. Buy it for your brother who has a girlfriend, or your girlfriend who has a boyfriend. Buy it for your friend who refuses to conform to binary definitions of gender! Or just buy it for yourself, because whether you're male or female, you probably like to smell nice.
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Malin + Goetz

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