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Marta Pozzan Toasts Topshop's New Kate Bosworth Collection

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First the Coveteur, now Topshop. Last night at The Grove, LA-based Italian blogger Marta Pozzan transformed the cool British store's swanky back room into her own personal closet—and invited some super fashionable friends to play dress up, of course. It was all for the UK retailer's latest collab with actress/style star/designer Kate Bosworth, which launches in stores and online today.

Sporting a shiny silver dress over black leather pants and some serious platform shoes (all Topshop, natch), Pozzan gave us the run-down on all her favorite pieces from the chic collection, which she describes as "futuristic, minimalist and clean." We caught up with the jet-setting blogstar to chat about her love affair with Topshop, what her collab with the trendy brand might look like, and much more. Scroll through the gallery for a few of our fave picks.

Your pad was recently shot by the Coveteur. What was that like?
"It was so exciting! We shot it a while ago so I almost forgot about the pictures and everything. It was kind of an achievement for me because I think it's a really cool website—whenever they spot somebody, it's a big deal, so I was very proud and happy. And I really like taking pictures with Jake [Rosenberg], he's really talented!"

So what do you love about Topshop?
"It's minimal and always forward. It's also very European; very British, that's why Topshop is one of my favorite brands because I relate to it [...] I used to go [to Topshop] all the time in London so I'm really happy that they have them here too."

We're pretty stoked too! What's the difference between Topshop in London versus in the States?
"British people go crazy for it, but [Americans] think it's a little bit extreme, unless they're fashion people. And [London's] has a nail station downstairs; they do amazing nail art. They don't have it here yet, but it would be really cool."

That would be awesome! So how would you style this collection?
"I love this white leather coat, I would do it with boyfriend jeans, or even with black leather pants. And I also like this lavender gray piece; you can wear it as a shirt, but also as a coat."

If you were to design a collection for Topshop, what would it look like?
"I think I would like to do shoes; I'm really into flatforms right now because I'm short and I can feel casual but still a little taller. And jewelry! They have very different and unexpected statement pieces. I'm obsessed with accessories."

So what's next for you—any big plans coming up for It's Super Fashion?
"I want to have a section about art, furniture and design, so I'm going to transition into that and incorporate it all into fashion; and hopefully, eventually a web series. I'm working on that, so we'll see!"
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