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Tim Gunn on Trends, Fashion Mistakes and Nespresso

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Last night, Nespresso toasted the opening of their Beverly Hills flagship boutique with glasses upon glasses of wine, a raw bar and fashion favorite Tim Gunn. The impressive Beverly Drive location, which offers customers a place to grab lunch and snag their favorite Nespresso products, was buzzing with men in suits directing sidewalk traffic outside and passing out hors d'oeuvres inside.

The fête also served 24/7 Manhattans, a Nespresso spin on the popular drink, and featured a performance by composer (and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills regular) David Foster. As Justin Timberlake played over the speakers, Beverly Hills' finest mingled with each other and enjoyed the fancy snacks. Gunn was around for photos and conversation and we snagged the man of the hour for a quick convo on coffee, fashion and How I Met Your Mother.

What is one fashion mistake you see women make that is an easy fix?
"Size! Women wear clothes that are either too big or too small, it's so easy to fix. When the clothes are too big, it's what I call 'The Comfort Trap.' They don't want to feel constrained by their clothing. People, especially women who are really shy about their figure, think that by wearing larger clothes others won't notice. I always say, 'The more volume your clothes have, the more volume you have.'"

Looking forward to any trends this Fall/Winter?
"I am the anti-trend guy. I don't like addressing them because I'm afraid someone is going to run out and buy something because I said such-and-such is on-trend. I always say to women, 'Do a closet inventory before you shop, take note of what you wear and what you don't, take note of what you need. Think about shopping as an enhancement experience.' But I do think it's fun to indulge yourself every now and then."

You live in NYC, so where is your go-to brunch spot when you visit LA?
"I don't go out to eat! I have room service [at The Four Seasons]."

What is your coffee order?
"Duls?o Nespresso! Truly."

So of course you couldn't miss this!
"I've always loved this brand, so when they came to me and said they needed help spreading the word in North America, I said 'You have me! I'm yours,' because I love the brand so much. You have to use a Nespresso machine. Also, I'm a design maven and look at this place!"

We recently saw you on How I Met Your Mother, do you actually know how to play poker?
"No!" [laughing]

Who is your favorite character on the show?
"Because I love him so much, Barney. Neil Patrick Harris."
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