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Designer Ripley Rader's Glam DIY Dude Ranch Wedding

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Photos by Alissa Ferullo courtesy of Ripley Rader

Last time we were with designer Ripley Rader, her wedding planning was in high swing, gold spray paint and all. Now congrats are in order for Rader and her hubby Ben Floor: the happy couple was married on a dude ranch in Wyoming on August 31st after a fairytale Chateau Marmont proposal that ended in Paris and a whirlwind engagement.

Rader, who made her own wedding dress and bridesmaids' dresses on top of designing the centerpieces, photobooth and more, chose the more do-it-yourself approach to her wedding because it gave her and Floor total creative control. "It's not a cookie cutter wedding," she explained. "It's a wedding that speaks to your and your partner, it says 'These things are important to me.'" After months of designing, arts-and-crafting and focus, the couple arrived to their nearly week-long bash stress-free. With the help of Wyoming wedding planner Ashley Galloway and all of their closest friends and family, the event went off without a hitch.

We sat down with the newlywed and her wedding album, where we got all the details on everything from the centerpieces to, of course, that wedding dress, which the designer says is her favorite design to date. Check out the gallery for a firsthand look at the wedding that literally had "love sewn into all the seams."
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